Some collects stamps, I collect real “now” solutions from around the world. Whatever they are old solutions, recent solutions or brand new solutions, they will be collected and classified! Whatever they are products, systems, ideas, machines, they will be collected and classified! One condition only: they must be available today and can be used right now to fix, repair, heal and improve our Planet Earth. Target: the one to many relationship! A new washing machine that uses 50% less electricity has an impact on you and the planet earth. A wood stove with a 70% burning efficiency has an impact on a whole family. A machine that makes water from thin air has an impact on a whole community!

We are all on the same boat! Welcome aboard!

Roger Pilon, Editor
The Planet Fixer Digest

Different types of composting, systems, equipment and so on!
COOKINGCollecting different cooking’s method, equipment around the world



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