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New Section Dedicated To Green Costa Rica

Sustainability in Costa RicaJust a few words to let you know that this section will be dedicated to everything that is green in Costa Rica. We are talking here about:

  • ecology
  • sustainability
  • green “stuff”
  • etc

I have been living here for more than 23 years and it was about time to have a section dedicated exclusively to this wonderful country: Costa Rica.

Roger Pilon, Editor
The Planet Fixer Digest – Costa Rica

NOTE A special thanks to Scott Oliver of to gave me the little push I needed!


Santosh Ostwal Inventor

Need To Irrigate? Call Your Pump!

The Nano Ganeh is a GSM mobile based remote control system exclusively for the use with a water pump. In other words, you call the pump to start the irrigation process. You save a lot of labor, fuel, time, water and electricity.


Toilets Franchise Available In Kenya! Interested?

Solution on how to build and scale viable sanitation infrastructure in the slums of Nairobi. The model used is original and very very sustainable! It could be applied anywhere in the world where they are lacking toilets.


Recycling Cell Phone Batteries! No Melting Necessary!

There are hundred of millions of cell batteries around the world. Recycling is not any more an option in certain countries. This recycling process is done at room temperature. There is no need to melt down batteries contrary to others recycling system.




Hydroponics For The Poor – No Pump & No Electricity

Grow nearly any vegetables with this poor man hydroponics system – no electricity – no pumps


Cooking Stoves For The Third World


Cooking with very little wood. Fast. Very efficient burning. Nearly no fumes. Do not kill people.


Full Dome

Dome Manufacturing Plant Shipped In 3 Containers Anywhere In The World

Complete fiberglass dome manufacturing plan with full technology transfer


Compost nearly anything in pure compost

Twenty Four Hours Monster Composting Machines

Up to 15 tons a day of compost at the press of a button!



Pankar-huyu A Semi-subterranean Mini-greenhouse

Cheap semi-subterranean mini-greenhouses for harsh climates

Organic Or Not? Final Answer is…


What Can Feed The World: Organic Farming Or GM? Final answer is….

This report is from the Rodale Institute. It’s packed with hard facts, statistics, references, all from 30 years of experimenting organic farming.


Big Ships With One Sail – Save Fuel

Big kick to ships!

Add A Monster Sail To Any Boats And Save A Lot Of Fuel



New Vegetable Created: the tomato-potato plant

Grow potatos and tomatos on the very same plant



Fighting Erosion With Strips Of Grass Or Trees

Simple and cheap solutions to prevent erosion anywhere in the world. They use only 10% of the total space avoiding the earth cover to be wash out.


Asparagus The Perfect Crop For Erosion, Wind and Cool Weather!

Weather between 15c to 25c year long, windy, erosion, need a crop to hold ground and with a year long production


Cooler even works in the desert

Pot-In-Pot The Desert Refrigerator: keep food fresh for weeks with 0 electricity!

Electric-free refrigerator able farmers to sell their crops when demand is high and more girls can go to school.

Micro Dosing Fertilizer


Dosing Fertilizer With A Coca Cola Cap

Just Uses A Coca Cola Cap! Chemicals are chemicals period. This said, if the fact of using micro-dosing reduce chemicals by a factor of 3 to 6, than it is less harmful for the Planet Earth. Not perfect as organic, but still less damaging. Up To 3 to 6 Times Less Fertilizer:



Aquaponics Yields 128 Lettuce In 3 Sq M.

Susanne Friend aquaponics systems – one the most simple affordable innovative aquaponics systems in the world!

Pest Control

Owl controlling rodents population

Control Rodents By Hiring An Owl Kestrel Patrol

Owls and kestrels are being employed as agricultural pest controllers in the Middle East. Many farmers are installing nest boxes to encourage the birds, which hunt the crop-damaging rodents.

Quizz – Brown Rice
How many persons more could we feed by replacing white rice with brown rice?