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Tiny Houses – Just A Trend Or Are They Here To Stay??

Tiny Houses – Just A Trend Or Are They Here To Stay??

Tiny houses here, micro houses there, small houses over there. Gee! They are everywhere! Really! This is the new kid on the block in terms of housing. The question is this one: is it just a new trend? Are they here to stay? Does our dear Planet Earth needs theses little buggers? Well better having a look at these hard facts, stats and...…


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Video Explaining Aquaponics In 2 Minutes Flat

How about raising fish and growing vegetables at the same time! How about doing all that in a pure organic way with no cheating possible! How about using up to 90% less water than in the traditional agriculture? How about using just one square meter rather than three needed in normal agriculture? How about everything, fish and vegetables, tasting better than anything else before? Well friends...this is the magic of aquaponics!…

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Recycling Old Tires – No Shredding

Completely clean and environmentally safe, this chemical modifier consists of harmless material from the agriculture and chemical industries. The recycled rubber quality is high enough to be blended to be used again in new tires and in all rubber products.…