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Tiny houses Is it just a trend?

Tiny Houses – Is It Just A trend Or Are They Here to Stay?

United States – Tiny houses here, tiny houses there! Many news around the world about tiny houses. I can stop my mind to ask this question: is it just something “à la mode” or is it more than just a trend? This post will gives you real hard numbers to help decide by yourself if tiny houses are here to stay or not!

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Light In A Bottle – Add Water In A Pet Bottle And Voilà!

Philippines – In many homes, it’s mostly dark during the day, except for a small ray of sunlight that enters through an open front door. Electricity, if available, is expensive. Few can even afford it and when they can, it is too often at the expense of food. Now everybody can get solar light during the day..for free!

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Pankar-huyu – Semi-subterranean Mini-greenhouse

Peru – This greenhouse design solutinon was first published in the nineties. Really this is not the super duper solution one could expect. Nevertheless, it is more than ever a clever simple greenhouse design. It is a cheap to build and can be use in very harsh climate all around the globe!

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Control Erosion By Planting Strips Of Grass and Trees

Fight Erosion With Stripes Of Grass and Trees

United States – Ever heard the word gullies? In my case never! Here just in case: gullies are are just little channels cut in the earth by running water after a prolonged downpour. They cause erosion, a lot of it! The good news is that it can be fix with very very simple solutions. Here are a few of them!

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Recycling Batteries! No Melting Necessary

France – Most of the time when we are talking recycling batteries, it is needed to grind them in order to retrieve the precious metals. Not with the Farouk Tedjar system. His system is far more eco-friendly! I invite you to discover his wonderful invention!

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