Hydroponics For The Poor – No Pump & No Electricity


To Grow Where Nothing Had Grown Before

If someone told you that:

  1. nothing grow “here”!
  2. you can´t grow “that” vegetable, many had tried before you
  3. the earth here is mainly rocks
  4. you have some space but no ground, no earth to use

Growing Anything Nearly Anywhere

Do you want to:

  1. produce a large quantity of food in a small area of land?
  2. minimize gardening time and effort?
  3. garden with only simple gardening tools (so you won’t need to invest in expensive equipment)?
  4. conserve water?
  5. do achieve uniform plant growth and raise healthy, attractive plants?
  6. minimize weeding time?
  7. make sure my plants are getting the nutrients they need for optimum growth (no matter what my soil is like)?
  8. harvest two or three crops each year?
  9. grow any vegetable, in any climate, with minimal water and effort per unit of produce?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, the Mittleider Method is for you.

Do you know an innovation, system, invention that could fix, heal, relief, improve and make happy Mother Earth?


Dr. Jacob Mittleider Gardening Method

Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, world-renowned international agricultural consultant, developed this method of gardening while conducting family garden-size agricultural training and program development in 27 different countries.

The Mittleider Method is based on 55 years of study and gardening experience. The Mittleider Method is different than any other method you’ll see!  It can be done in the dirt or in raised beds or containers.  It’s been called “the best of organic” and “the poor man’s hydroponic system”, and uses principles and procedures from the best commercial growers, but sized and adapted to the family gardener.  It is sustainable, and is highly intensive, producing as much as 5, and even 10 times the quantity of healthy vegetables traditional methods produce.

Most soils naturally contain the other 13 elements (mineral nutrients) needed by plants, but thousands of years of leaching and crop removal have removed most of the water-soluble compounds, making what’s left largely unusable. The Mittleider Method combines the best features of soil-based gardening and hydroponic gardening, but without hydroponic expense!

It’s a complete, easy-to-follow plan that eliminates guesswork and ensures success anywhere: an apartment patio, a city yard, a country lot, or a farm. The method is based on maximum utilization of space, time, and resources. Crops are large because plants are close together, nourished by supplemental feedings of natural mineral nutrients (as in hydroponics), but with no special equipment.

Also, unlike hydroponics, the Mittleider Method gives plants access to the natural soil for nutrients as yet unknown or that, while not essential to plant growth, are useful in human nutrition. You can use the Mittleider Method by raising crops in either soil-beds or grow-boxes.

Roger Pilon, Editor

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There is a Yahoo Group about the Mittleider gardening method. If you are one of the think-outside-the-box person, I encourage you to subscribe.

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