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Big Ships With One Sail – Save Fuel

Ships could save fuel by adding a monster sail!

Wind propulsion systems for ships – can replace up to 2 MW of the main engine’s propulsion power

  • Boats traveling around the world spend a lot of fuel.
  • Reduce fuel consumption to all the ships around planet earth

Do you know an innovation, system, invention that could fix, heal, relief Mother Earth?


Add a monster sail to help ships to cross oceans:

  • No mast
  • Operate at altitudes between 100 and 300 m where stronger and more stable winds prevail
  • Generate 5 to 25 times more power per square meter sail area than conventional sails
  • Categorized and treated as an auxiliary propulsion, the operation of the system is not limited by any regulations at present
  • Double-wall profile gives the SkySails towing kites aerodynamic properties similar to the wing of an aircraft
  • System can operate not just downwind, but at courses of up to 50° to the wind as well
  • Main engine can either be throttled back to save fuel, or kept running at constant power to increase the ship’s speed

Roger Pilon, Editor – The Planet Fixer Digest

Saves a lot of fuel

SkySails uses large towing kites for the propulsion of the ship

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